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Grad Capstone Project

CLE Header.jpegToday’s graduates must be able to adapt to ongoing change in many aspects of their lives. Purposeful career-life development, in which students learn how to set personally meaningful goals, recognize and cultivate relevant opportunities and supportive relationships, and continually re-evaluate and revise their plans, is a necessity for educated citizens in an ever-changing world. Educated citizens are lifelong learners who continually build on their self-awareness about evolving interests and strengths. They are able to use this personal knowledge to inform their career-life choices, responding with flexibility as opportunities and challenges arise. In Grades 10 to 12, students explore and research a multitude of educational, work-related, and life opportunities to develop the knowledge and the personal and social competencies to manage the next steps in their career-life journeys. 

The CLE and CLC learning standards reflect a thorough preparation for students, including: 

  • experiential learning and community networking 
  • exploration of multiple career-life roles and personal life/work balance 
  • flexible planning for preferred post-graduation possibilities • reflection on their learning experiences in school and out of school 
  • self-assessment of Core Competency development, including methods of organizing and maintaining authentic career-life evidence 
  • incorporation of inclusive practices and First Peoples perspectives/worldviews 
  • ideas for deeper learning and open-ended discussions

For more information about the Career graduation program, click HERE to view the BC Curriculum site.

Below is a PowerPoint that outlines the Capstone project for Timberline students.


HERE is a hardcopy of the Capstone Project Proposal.  Download this proposal, print it off and fill it out.  When you have completed this form, hand it into Ms. Camerin so that she can upload it to your Hub.