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Changes to District School Year Calendar

October 26, 2020

When the 2020-2021 school calendar was originally developed two professional development days were planned for September 2 and September 3. 

Unfortunately, these professional development days had to be moved to later in the year because of the need for additional restart planning in September due to COVID-19. The school district is required contractually to allocate five days for teacher professional development each school year (including the provincial professional development day at the end of October).

For kindergarten to grade 8 and Robron Centre, the two replacement professional development days have been set for November 30 and April 26.

For Carihi and Timberline Secondary Schools, in consideration of the fact that students are taking one class over a five-week period and to decrease the amount of instructional time students would miss in any one subject area, the equivalent number of professional development hours will be assigned as professional development partial afternoons with secondary students being dismissed before the 90-minute afternoon block on: October 28, November 30, January 13, February 17, March 17 and April 26. School bus transportation will be provided for the early dismissal on these dates.

Also, the student-led conference dates originally planned for secondary schools (Carihi and Timberline) on November 19 and March 17 have been cancelled. Teachers are expected to connect with parents during a student’s five-week course rotation. Please reach out to your child’s teacher at any time should you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress.

These changes are in addition to the remaining previously planned district-wide professional development days on February 12 and March 8. Those days are still full-day non-instructional days with no elementary, middle, or secondary students in attendance.

A revised copy of the district’s school year calendar is attached and available for download from the district website at www.sd72.bc.ca/calendar

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school office.


REVISED SD72 2020-2021 School Calendar.jpg