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Below is a list of other questions that parents, students and even teachers may have regarding the use of G Suite for Education in SD72.


What Apps are Available for G Suite for Education (GSFE)?

GSFE offers a growing range of applications. Access to the apps will be limited to those best fitting the different educational levels. We will be building skills using the following: 

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: This is the hub of organization for students and teachers. In the online classroom teachers can post links, information, videos, assignments, instructions, and more. Students can use Google Classroom to hand in assignments, receive feedback, track their work, and stay informed.

GOOGLE DRIVE: Google Drive serves as a storage facility for documents the students create, edit, and share.

GOOGLE DOCS: This is Google’s version of a cloud-based solution to Microsoft Office. Student work is automatically saved to Google Drive.  

GOOGLE SLIDES: This is Google’s version of PowerPoint. Students will use Google Sites to create and share presentations, to create story books or complete other assignments.

GOOGLE SITES: Sites is an online program that gives members opportunities to build web pages.

GOOGLE FORMS: Google Forms are used to create non-bias surveys. Forms can also be used as an effective way to review material.  

ADDITIONAL APPS: Additional Apps may also be used. However, these will first undergo a rigorous vetting process. 

Can My Child Access G Suite for Education and its Google Apps from Home?

Yes!  All student work is cloud saved and accessible from any device with internet connection. The student simply needs to login. 

How Can my Child Use These Tools to Collaborate?

All of the G Suite for Education tools are created with collaboration in mind. Students can “share access” with others so that they can work together on the same project at the same time but from different locations! No more needing to plan a time to get together for a team project. Now they can work on it at their own convenience.  

Will My Child Need an Email Address?

To access the G Suite for Education products, users must login using an email address. School District 72 has developed a partnership with Google to assign students their own email within the domain "firstname.lastname@sd72.net". Students in the middle and secondary schools will be able to email their classmates and teacher. For safety and security reasons, the ability to send and receive email will be TURNED OFF for elementary grade students.

Do Parents Have Access to Their Child's Account?

We encourage parents to share in their child's educational journey. Therefore, we hope that parents will sit with their child and sign in together using the child's account. This way parents can also view their child's work, check their email history (if applicable in middle and secondary grades), and see the cool things their child is doing in school!

Where Can I Learn More?

Talk to your child's teacher to find out how GSFE is being used in their classroom. Also, Google has several great resources available online for learning about the cloud-based solution. Search "Google Apps for Education" to learn more.