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Getting Involved

​There are several ways for parents and members of the community to get involved in the school district.

Public Board Meetings

Parents and interested community members are welcome to attend public board meetings. Meetings are held every third Tuesday during the school year, starting at 7:30 p.m. Board meetings take place at the School Board office, 425 Pinecrest Road.

Board meeting agendas and minutes are available online or at the School Board office.

Board Committees

The Campbell River Board of Education from time-to-time establishes standing or ad hoc committees to investigate issues, problems or needs and present their findings to the Board. Representation on a board committee may include community members.

For more information on getting involved on a board committee, contact the School Board office at (250) 830.2300.

Contact the Board

The board welcomes your input and feedback. You are encouraged to contact a school trustee by phone, fax or writing.

Parent Advisory Councils

Parents play an integral part in student success. Campbell River School District encourages and welcomes parent involvement in their children's school. Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) and the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) are opportunities for parents to become more involved and have their voice heard.
For more information contact your school principal.