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Emergency, Unscheduled and Weather Closures

​While we try to keep schools open on every instructional day, there will be occassions when schools must temporarily close due to extreme weather, power outages or for emergency reasons. The superintendent may decide to temporarily close any or all district schools when the safety of students and staff may be compromised.

Parents, students and school district staff will be informed when schools are closed for weather or power outages through the school district's alert system, Facebook, Twitter and by notifying the local media by 7:00 a.m. –  at the latest.

If there is no announcement on the school website/social media, listen to one of the local radio stations:

  • 99.7 FM - 2Day FM
  • 97.3 FM - The Eagle
  • 98.9 FM - The Jet

No announcements by 7:00 a.m. indicates schools are open and operating as usual.

Even if schools are open, the Campbell River School District, and our schools, respect and support parents if they feel that it is unsafe to send their child to school or wish to pick-up their child early due to potentially unsafe weather conditions. If you choose to keep your child home, please be sure to report your child's absence through the school's attendance line.