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Student Records
A record of all student final marks from Kindergarten through Grade 12 is called a permanent student record (PSR).
School district's keep the PSR for current students at the public school the student is currently attending. After a student graduates or leaves school, the PSR is kept for 55 years by the School District of the last public school the student attended.


A transcript is an official document that shows your secondary school marks and credits in a British Columbia graduation program. It is a listing of a student's academic record relating to a BC graduation program, which includes courses completed successfully, grades earned, honours received, and graduation status. Your transcript, not your graduation certificate (diploma), is the legal document proving graduation.
Official transcripts can be obtained from your graduating school or the Ministry of Education. In the case that your graduating school has since been closed, transcripts can be obtained from the School Board Office at 425 Pinecrest Road, Campbell River or call (250) 830.2300.