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School Staff

First Name Last Name Title Email
Robert Hatfield Principal
Jodi Lane Vice-Principal
Michelle Humphrey Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Harry Indigenous Education Support Teacher
Delta Wingrave Learning Support Teacher
Kathleen Anderson Teacher
Jaimie Ashurst Teacher
Rod Beavis Teacher
Scott Berry Teacher
Chelsea Crawford Teacher
Catherine Horsthuis Teacher
Emily Lee Teacher
Lindsay Lorenzo Teacher
Luci Pears Teacher
Chano Ruiz Teacher
Andrea Savery Teacher
Marjorie Stricker Teacher
Tanya Vaton Teacher
Mary Morrow Teacher Librarian
Katelyn Watkinson Teacher Librarian
Lorraine Carriere District Indigenous Education Youth Worker
Maritte Arriaza Educational Assistant
Vicki Everitt Educational Assistant
Vicki Fisher Educational Assistant
Alex Peterson Educational Assistant
Barbara Schumacher Educational Assistant
Sara Orr Intensive Behaviour Education Assistant
Julie Webb Strong Start BC Facilitator
Vicki Everitt Childcare Provider
Sara Orr Childcare Provider
Shelley Pedersen Childcare Provider
Barbara Schumacher Childcare Provider
Angela Smith Childcare Provider
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