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Come Help Out! Become a School Volunteer

There are many opportunities to volunteer at our school! We welcome and value the contributions of school volunteers. It’s the efforts and support of our volunteers that strengthens our vibrant school community.

How to Apply to Become a School Volunteer:

  1. Download and complete the volunteer application form (SD72 Form 430-1). A new form must be completed each school year.

  2. Return the completed volunteer application form to the school office.

  3. The school principal will review your application and determine if a criminal record check is required. All volunteers who may be alone with students, without the near company of other adults, are required to have a criminal record check done.

    If the school requires a criminal record check, they will first check the SD72 volunteer database to see if you already have a current criminal record check on file through another SD72 school. If there is no current criminal record check on file within any SD72 school, the school office will email you the link to complete this process online.

    The school principal will review the results of your criminal record check (if necessary) and is responsible for approving or denying volunteer applications.

  4. If approved as a school volunteer, you will then need to complete a letter of understanding (SD72 Form 430-3) and a confidentiality agreement (SD72 Form 430-4) which will be provided by the school office.
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