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School Staff

First Name Last Name Title Email
Andrea Ritchie Principal
Michelle Nohr Vice Principal
Rebecca Kelly Elementary Administrative Assistant
Gabe Bello Teacher
Brianna Brits Teacher
Megan Cook Teacher
Heather Demeo Teacher
Kirsten Dobler Teacher
Garth Douglas Teacher
Erin Galloway Teacher
Erin Gallup Teacher
Kimberly Gardiner Teacher
Jenaca Germyn Teacher Librarian
Natasha Hogan Teacher
Christie Kennedy Teacher
Sheila Little Music Teacher
Tara Mellstrom Learning Support Teacher
Heather Reinholt Teacher
Dana Roberts Teacher
Maria Scholz Teacher
Carly Scott Teacher
Helen Van Spronsen Music Teacher
Amy Weiman Teacher
Elisa Welychko Learning Support Teacher
Jenna Wiese Teacher
Catherine Wilson Indigenous Education Support Teacher
Sophie Arbore Education Assistant
Lindsey Boulter Education Assistant
Shelley Brand Education Assistant
Jaime Chomeczko Education Assistant
Peggy Dick Aboriginal Education Assistant
Adrienne Hennessy Education Assistant/Childcare Provider
Kendra Knutson Education Assistant/Childcare Provider
Cheyenne Pickering Education Assistant
Amber Robinson Education Assistant/Childcare Provider
Pat Stewart Education Assistant
Rebecca Suurhoff Education Assistant
Cassy Kirschner Custodian II
Linda Duffin District Indigenous Education Youth Worker
Zahlia Worthing Education Assistant
Jennifer Comeau Learning Support Teacher
Emily Aitken Indigenous Education Support Teacher
Marika Rapanos Teacher
Jeff Hochhalter Learning Support Teacher
Chelsea Jesser Casual Education Assistant
Liv Holling Casual Education Assistant
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