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School Staff

First Name Last Name Title Email
Cathy Manson Principal
Josephine Falck Administrative Assistant - Accounts
Wendy Assmus Administrative Assistant - Student Records
Kirsten Andrews Compass Program
Kate Gigiel Counsellor
Gary Hartford Counsellor
Emily Kobetitch Eblend Program Teacher
Janice Bautz Learning Support Teacher
Andy Keenan Learning Support Teacher
Katreena Lowry Learning Support Teacher
Cassandra Barrette Teacher
Caleb Bouey Teacher
Christine Johnson Teacher
Michelle Merkel Teacher
Jacob Miles Teacher
Sarah O'Shannessy Teacher
Heidi Pridy Teacher
Linda Duffin District Indigenous Education Youth Worker
Melanie Roberts District Indigenous Education Youth Worker
Kerri Henderson District Indigenous Program Educational Assistant
Tanya Campbell Educational Assistant
Michelle Chitty Educational Assistant
Tammy Dodge Educational Assistant
Cassandra Hara Educational Assistant
Kathie Klassen Educational Assistant
Jameison Lee Educational Assistant
Beth Newton Educational Assistant
Rochelle Wilson Educational Assistant
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