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Community Access Program

CAP assists grade 13 students in their transition to adulthood. During this graduation year, these students work to achieve their goals of successful independent/semi-independent living.

We help students with community work experience placements, provide in-school classes to help with important life skills, and assist them with resume building, budget preparation, shopping, and city bus transportation.

We provide twice weekly physical education programming at Strathcona Gardens with our gym, swim and skate program. We also complete a variety of physical education opportunities as they arise in the community including gymnastics, nature walks and rock climbing.

Students may also work at the Brew Crew, a microbusiness at Robron Centre serving coffee, tea, and homemade soups and pastries. The products are made in our kitchen and sold at our Brew Crew counter and at the school board office. The students learn practical shopping, baking, cooking and serving skills on a daily basis.

The transition to adulthood is challenging. We help students make a plan that they can take with them and that will  help them feel more confident in the choices they make.

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