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COVID virus as seen under a microscope.

The health and safety of our students and staff are always our top priority in the Campbell River School District. We continue to work closely with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, and the Vancouver Island Health Authority to provide you with the latest information on COVID-19.

According to public health:

  • Vaccination remains the best defense against COVID-19 and influenza.
  • People are encouraged to practice health awareness, including regularly checking themselves and their children for symptoms of respiratory illness, and to stay home when sick.
  • Everyone should be washing hands regularly and practicing respiratory etiquette.
  • Masks should be worn if a person has mild symptoms of illness.

Health & Safety: Communicable Disease Plan

Using the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health and the BC Centre for Disease Control, staff work diligently to ensure safety protocols and measures are in place. Our district's communicable disease plan guides every aspect of school operations and detail what families, students and staff expect in schools and sites across the district.


Our ventilation systems continue to be inspected and maintained regularly with filter changes being undertaken a minimum of two times per year using MERV-13 filters wherever possible by our HVAC staff. HVAC staff manage the heating and ventilation systems at all district schools with extensive use of building automation and controls to ensure a high standard for indoor air quality for all students and staff. Families who have concerns over air quality or ventilation are encouraged to bring them forward to their school principal. Staff who have concerns should bring them forward to the joint occupational health and safety committee,

In September 2023 district maintenance staff completed the following overview of ventilation systems for the Ministry of Education:

SD72 2023 Ventilation System Overviews

Rapid Antigen Testing

With higher levels of community transmission, a shorter virus incubation period, the high vaccination rate, contact tracing and close contact notification by public health are no longer effective in minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Rapid antigen tests are available for free from any pharmacy for families and staff.

Travel and Schooling

If you are thinking of travelling during the school year, particularly internationally, it is the responsibility of staff, students and families to know, understand, and adhere to the federal and provincial guidelines and regulations before they decide to travel.

Should you decide to take your child on an international trip during the school year, please coordinate with your teacher and school beforehand to ensure that your child stays on top of schoolwork while they are away and should there be any federal quarantine requirements at the time you travel. There is not an option for virtual or hybrid learning.

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