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School Staff

First Name Last Name Title Email
Sean McLaughlin Principal
Deanna Brennan Vice-Principal
Daina MacDonald Administrative Assistant
Rachelle Robertson Administrative Assistant - Accounts
Amber Donaghy Administrative Assistant - General Office
Samantha McLaughlin Student Records Clerk
Amy Larocque-Walker Counsellor
Maralyn Lloyd Counsellor
Drew Swanson Counsellor
Kristy Bignell Learning Support Teacher
Sheri Halpin Learning Support Teacher
Jeff Hochhalter Learning Support Teacher
Andrea Humphreys Learning Support Teacher
Natalie Raedwulf Pogue Learning Support Teacher
Fergus Bagley Teacher
Todd Barnes Teacher
James Binnersley Teacher
Simon Bright Teacher
Jacob Cassidy Teacher
Joan Clarke Teacher
Johan Couttenier Teacher
Alyssa Davison Teacher
Bill Deagle Teacher
Thomas Diesch Teacher
Tim Dokken Teacher
Dana Dunsmore Teacher
Tracy Finkensiep Teacher
Michele Fitzgerald Teacher
Donnie Fitzpatrick Teacher
Jenn Fortin Teacher
Rebecca Hay Teacher
Christopher Hayduk Teacher
Kelly Hobbs Bruzzese Teacher
Alana Jorgensen Teacher
Jason Kerluck Teacher
Beth Kingston Teacher
Christine Knight Teacher
Kolya Kowalchuk Teacher
Shannon Lim Teacher
Johnathon MacKenzie Teacher
Alexander Mader Teacher
Jessica McConnell Teacher
Scott McKenzie Teacher
Sasha McLachlan Teacher
Matthew Moore Teacher
Jeffrey Morgan Teacher
Katherine Mulski Teacher
Eric Patterson Teacher
Allison Peake Teacher
Kerri Perras Teacher
Brittany Renooy Teacher
Leah Samson Teacher
Karine Siah Teacher
Frazer Smith Teacher
Robert Telford Teacher
Teacher VACANCY Teacher -----
Lisa Walls Teacher
Raymond Wilson Teacher
Dionne Lapointe-Bakota Teacher Librarian
Natalie Rennie Braillist
Jody Lee District Child & Youth Care Worker
Jodi Guy District Indigenous Education Youth Worker
Natasha Lansdowne District Indigenous Education Youth Worker
Jenifer Dowler District Indigenous Program Educational Assistant
Bryanne Johnson District Indigenous Program Educational Assistant
Heather Beavis Educational Assistant
Annette Bergman Educational Assistant
Ronaye Borrie Educational Assistant
Debbie Dearden Educational Assistant
Sandy Garat Educational Assistant
Andrew Greenwood Educational Assistant
Melissa Hannah Educational Assistant
Debbie Hoyt Educational Assistant
Adrian King Educational Assistant
Janice Knodell Educational Assistant
Kevin Robertson Educational Assistant
Grace Spencer Educational Assistant
Ashley Van der Veer Educational Assistant
Christine Szaflik Intensive Behaviour Education Assistant
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