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Request Respite

Are you are leaving town, and cannot bring your student or need care for your student for another reason? No problem! We have respite providers who are experienced in hosting international students and are happy to help, often willing to accommodate students even with fairly short notice.  

Some things you should know: 

  • We ask that you provide as much notice as possible; at minimum 24 hours notice unless it’s an emergency, in which case the host family should call the emergency line.  
  • Funds shift from you to the respite provider at a rate stated in the host family handbook. 
  • Family members or close family friends can step in to provide respite, however, if this is planned in advance, is for a lengthy period, or recurring we would like them to have a current criminal record check on file with us. 
  • “Sleepovers” that alleviate the need for respite can get complicated, we prefer to move funds with the student as it is more easily tracked this way. 

How to request respite: 

  • Download the electronic fillable PDF respite request form - below
  • Email the completed form as an attachment to 
  • The Student Wellness and Homestay Advisor will contact you once respite has been confirmed for your student. 

Your role 

  • Ensure the safe arrival and departure of the student to and from respite – unless the respite provider offers transportation.   
  • Once confirmation and contact information for respite is provided to you, contact them to arrange details.   
  • Follow up with the Student Wellness and Homestay Advisor with the final transportation plan including dates and times. 
  • Thank your respite provider! We are fortunate to have such great providers!
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