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Request Student Travel

Safety is always a major concern for us. We know the students in our program are not adults and we take our responsibility for their care very seriously. When our students are in school or with their host families, we feel confident that they are safe. When they leave our district to go to other cities or to stay with other people, we must ensure their safety in a different environment. All international students must have an adult chaperone who is 25 years or older for any overnight stays. 

How to Request Student Travel Permission 

  • Download the student travel request form from here or email Students can find the form on TEAMS.  
  • Students are responsible for completing the travel request form.
  • The host parent needs to verify the information and provide consent to the arrangements. 
  • Completed forms must be photographed and texted, emailed, or delivered to the international program administrative assistant at   
  • Forms not received at least 5 working days prior to departure might not be approved. 
  • Host parents will be contacted by phone or email with approval or denial for travel. 

Note: Students who travel out-of-district without the approval of the international program will face disciplinary action. This could include dismissal from the program.  

*The only exception to this rule is a school-approved field trip. School field trips will be supervised by a school district employee and are approved by the administrator of the school.

*The full policy can be found in the Student Handbook or the Host Family Handbook.  


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