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School Staff

First Name Last Name Title Email
Laird Ruehlen Principal
Kai Taylor Vice-Principal
Vicky Williams Administrative Assistant - Accounts
Rebecca Kelly Administrative Assistant - General Office
Allie Lamont Student Records Clerk
Derek Berg Counsellor
Jenna Foster Counsellor
Stacey Noren Counsellor
Natasha Ubriaco Indigenous Education Support Teacher
Carey Chisholm Learning Support Teacher
Robynne Fraser Learning Support Teacher
Janeen Griffith Learning Support Teacher
David Schofield Learning Support Teacher
Karen Baily Teacher
Lou Bakota Teacher
Jennifer Beckett Teacher
Suzanne Berg Teacher
Erin Bright Teacher
Haley Calder Teacher
Diana Camerin Teacher
Christopher Cottell Teacher
Scott Craig Teacher
Lindsey Fennell Teacher
Sabrina Fonagy Teacher
David Hrysio Teacher
Stephen Johnston Teacher
Stephen Joyce Teacher
Jason Kerluck Teacher
Sharlon Kildaw Teacher
Paul Klein Teacher
Dan Klinka Teacher
Brent Kratzmann Teacher
Darren Larose Teacher
James Lewis Teacher
Meaghan Logue Teacher
Jeffrey Lontayao Teacher
Jana MacFarlane Teacher
Megara McCormick Teacher
Neil McIntyre Teacher
Emma Moray Teacher
Paul Murphy Teacher
Stephanie Nicoll Teacher
Christopher Patterson Teacher
Steve Rose Teacher
Taylor Ross Teacher
Jusleen Sangha Teacher
Andrew Schopp Teacher
Jason Wihnan Teacher
Angel Murphy Teacher Librarian
Sharene Zemanek District Child & Youth Care Worker
Veronica Billows District Indigenous Education Youth Worker
Skie Campbell Educational Assistant
Andrea Crerar Educational Assistant
Jo Ann Dumont Educational Assistant
Jennie Graham Educational Assistant
Keith Green Educational Assistant
Kourtney Langlois Educational Assistant
Larissa McPherson Educational Assistant
Jason Peck Educational Assistant
Sonya Pederson Educational Assistant
Suzy Scott Educational Assistant
Kimberley Solberg Educational Assistant
Nancy Taplin Educational Assistant
Saskia Terporten Educational Assistant
Ann White Educational Assistant
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