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Language Education

French 10

Parlez-vous français? Students may look forward to improving their language skills and learning about French culture. While important for university entrance, French 10 also emphasizes the development of an increased proficiency to allow students to travel with a basic understanding of the language. The course also helps students proceed to a level of fluency necessary for increased employment opportunities.

French 11

Vous voulez parler en français? A challenging course that helps students obtain a second language requirement for university entrance and, better yet, improve speaking and comprehension of Canada’s second language, a language that is spoken all over the globe. Emphasis is on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Themes will be centered on sports and leisure activities, health, relationships, school, and the outdoors. Verb tenses, pronouns, and other grammatical structures will be reinforced to help students in their written and oral expression.

French 12

Ah Oui!! Je parle français!! By participating in real-life activities, students will develop and enrich their grammar and vocabulary acquired in previous levels. Themes will be focused on travel (le voyage), the arts (les arts), law (la loi), and the environment (l’environnement). 

Written and oral expression are what we aim to enhance in French 12 by reading articles, prose and poetry by francophone authors, by participating in “les débats” and doing things that we love to do all the while speaking “en français”. 

(Students successfully completing French 12 can be excused from a first-year language in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Program at university.)

Spanish 1

¿Quieres hablar español?  There are different reasons to join Spanish class:  a university requirement, you’d like to communicate while traveling in Spanish speaking country or you’d like to speak 

another language. In Spanish 1, you will learn how to introduce yourself, talk about likes and dislikes, tell time, learn vocabulary about school, clothing, food, family, and more. As Spanish is the second most spoken mother tongue of the world, your learning will come handy at some point. 

Spanish 2

Mi clase es su clase. Even if you have never spoken any Spanish you can learn by listening and learning lots of words, simple structures, and trying to express yourself in Spanish, which is the second most spoken mother tongue of the world!  Students are expected to appropriately respond to in-class Spanish instruction, participate in spontaneous conversation, read a sight passage orally with correct pronunciation, as well as write short compositions and do oral presentations.

Students will learn greetings and customs, phonetics and the alphabet, counting to 1000, telling time, and the ability to engage in simple conversations.

Verb conjugations in the present, past, and imperative tense are also introduced, as are important irregular verbs such as ser, estar, ir and tener. Themes will focus on school, leisure activities, home and family.

Spanish 3

¡Vamos a hablar más y más en español! At the conclusion of Spanish 11 you are going to be able to comprehend (comprender) and speak (hablar) with greater fluency and complexity. Responding appropriately to in-class Spanish instructions, participating in spontaneous conversation, reading orally with correct pronunciation a sight passage and writing short compositions, as well as presenting projects to the class will become más y más fácil (easier and easier). Even talking about things you are doing today, have done in the past, and plan to do in the future can be done in ¡Español!

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