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Online Payments

Our school accepts payments by eTransfer.  eTransfer allows a person to transfer funds via online banking.

eTransfers should be sent to the school's email address:

Timberline Secondary School

A password is not required as the school is set up to receive auto-deposits.

In the notes section of the E-Transfer the sender must include:

  • The student's first and last name, sport team (basketball, volleyball, etc. Grade of student/Jr/Sr. B or Jr. A)
  • The purpose of the payment (ie Band trip, 22-22 supplies, transit pass, etc.)  The more detail the better

Please contact the school office if you require assistance.

Click on the links below to access the ONLINE payment page (credit cards or debit cards) to purchase an item OR make a payment ONLY FOR THE CATEGORIES SHOWN.

ALL OTHER PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE BY:  E-Transfer, Cheque, Cash or Debit/Credit in the Timberline Main Office.


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