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Business Education

The Business Education Program has changed with the new BC curriculum.  

Students can now focus on the following programs (the entrepreneurship program is offered in conjunction with the new enterprise center at Robron.  Students will spend Flex Wednesday at Robron.  Please check with Ms. Camerin as final details have not yet been worked out.  

In Entrepreneurship 10 students will learn:

  • What opportunities exist for entrepreneurs
  • The characteristics that entrepreneurs share
  • Ways to add value to an existing idea or product
  • Differences between invention and innovation
  • Barriers that various groups of entrepreneurs face and the factors that contribute to their success
  • The life cycle of a product from invention/innovation to marketplace

In Entrepreneurship 11 students will learn:

  • Opportunities for initiating an entrepreneurial endeavour
  • Characteristics of the global market
  • Personal networking
  • Market analysis
  • Ways to control and manage cash flow and tracking expenses
  • Business registration and taxation
  • Sources of funding and support for a venture

Accounting 11
This is an introductory bookkeeping course that includes:

  • the role of accounting in business
  • career opportnities in accounting
  • accounting principles and practices
  • the accounting equation
  • the relationship between debit and credit entires
  • the accounting cycle
  • using source documents and completing general journals, ledgers and trial balances
  • the chart of accounts
  • preparation of financial documents
  • financial decision making based on financial documents

Accounting 12
Students must have taken Accounting 11 as it is a requirement for Accounting 12

  • This course carries on the study of Accounting 11 and will include:
  • financial reporting for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations
  • accounting practices and principles
  • accounting for wages
  • inventory systems
  • detailed ledger accounts and specialized journals
  • account reconciliation 
  • internal controls to protect assets and ensure accuracy
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