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Post-Secondary Information

What happens in the application process?

After researching which program and school you would like to attend, the application process begins. In universities, the program is offered by the FACULTY (ie. Anthropology Program/ Faculty of Social Sciences to earn the Degree of Bachelor of Arts).   After you APPLY to a post-secondary institution, you must wait for acceptance.

This could be CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE, meaning that the school wants to verify your future grades. After you receive an acceptance letter, the Institution will ask you to REGISTER for the courses you will take. If you want to live on campus, you will need to apply for RESIDENCE as well.

How to research a college or university:

Use the internet, use promotional materials available in the counselling office, contact the undergraduate advisors at colleges/universities and ask them questions directly.

(Username: Timber Password: Wolves)
This provides information about the educational requirements for various careers for Canada and the U.S.

2.  provides information about the educational requirements for various careers and on post-secondary institutions (PSI's) in BC.

3. provides information on PSI’s in Alberta.

4. provides information on PSI’s in Ontario.

5. provides information about 400+ post-secondary schools in the United States.

Remember—students must write the SAT exams to attend U.S. schools.  (

How to apply to a college or university:

Review university/college websites for admission requirements --both general and program-specific, application procedures, deadlines, and key dates for the post-secondary programs. Specialized programs often have earlier deadlines.

Apply online. If you are applying to ONLY ONE college or university, you can use their website. If you are applying to several colleges or universities, it is easier to use the central application services. offers application to public post-secondary institutions (PSI's) in BC. PLEASE NOTE: Because Simon Fraser University has become a NCAA Division II school, student athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and write the SAT's. Please see the SFU website for details.

For Alberta and Ontario universities, use the website listed above.

Students and parents are responsible for checking directly with their post-secondary institutions to verify requirements, key dates and deadlines. If you require clarification about the program or its requirements, contact an academic advisor at the institution. If you require clarification about the application process, contact an admissions officer at the institution. High School counsellors can provide general guidance and information, but the institution is the best source of up to the minute Information about deadline changes and policies.

How to send your transcripts:

The easiest way is to complete a Post-Secondary Institutions (PSI) Selections Form. This allows the BC Ministry of Education to send transcripts electronically, as soon as updated, to several post-secondary institutions at  once.   Complete the PSI form online via the Student Secure Web at student.  Instructions on submitting the PSI Selection form is available at .

Alternatively, paper copies of transcripts can be ordered through our counselling secretary, Mrs. Terreberry, in person or at 923-9502.  Please allow two days to process.

Step by Step Instructions on Submitting Your Transcripts:  StudentTranscripts Instructions.pptx

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