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Outdoor Discoveries Program 9


Outdoor Discoveries Program

The Outdoor Discoveries program challenges students academically, socially, and physically. The integrated grade 9 program (combining English, Social Studies, Documentary Film Making and Physical Education) delivers learning in a meaningful way that helps students make connections across subjects, with each other, the surrounding environment, and local communities. Running from February to June, Outdoor Discoveries students have opportunities to explore coastal British Columbia in all its natural and human complexity. By taking risks, assuming responsibilities, and directing their own learning, students will grow into knowledgeable, caring, resilient, and respectful individuals.

The Outdoor Discoveries program takes students to places where subject matter comes alive, such as: northern lakes, rivers and estuaries, mountain trails and the urban landscape. Moreover, program participants have opportunities to develop wilderness skills, critical thinking, teamwork and confidence as they take part in weekly field trips and monthly expeditions.

This rigorous and academic program is open to all grade 9 students, however, an application is required. Successful candidates will be those who are independent, hard-working, self-motivated, outdoorsy, and positive team players. There is a $350 dollar cost associated with the program, as well as an expectation that students provide some of their own basic gear, such as: hiking boots, rain jacket, bike, etc. Having said that, assistance will be provided for those for whom cost is an obstacle.

Outdoor PE

Lifelong fitness and outdoor recreation are the two guiding principles of Outdoor Physical Education. In this course, the world beyond school boundaries is our gym. Whether mountain biking or running in the Beaver Lodge Lands, canoeing in the Campbell River estuary, wall climbing at On the Rocks Climbing Gym, swimming and skating at Strathcona Gardens, fishing at Quinsam river, snowshoeing at Mt. Washington, playing outdoor games in the forest, or hiking to Waiatt Bay, Outdoor PE students, rain or shine, will participate in daily fitness and outdoor activities. This course is only open to Outdoor Discoveries students.

Documentary Film Making

The main goal of Documentary Film Making is to effectively communicate real life stories through film. In this course, students will learn how to navigate and execute all the necessary steps needed for a documentary production. In order to successfully create documentary films, students will learn and practice a variety of skills, such as: planning, researching, script writing, video composition, location scouting, shooting on location, audio capture, lighting, editing, publishing, self-evaluation, and product promotion. Most of the documentaries that students work on will be related to the monthly expeditions and themes explored in Language Arts and Social Studies. This course is only open to Outdoor Discoveries students.

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