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Attendance Line:  250-923-9500 and then press #1 to choose 

To report that your student will be away from school, please:

PHONE:  (250) 923-9500 and press #1 for the Attendance Line or;


Please provide your student's FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, DATE and REASON for the absence.  

Student safety is very important in the Campbell River School District. To help schools with this shared responsibility, we ask parents to notify the school when your child is going to be away or arriving late to school. 

Attendance is recorded at the start of each block. Absences are reported to the school office and an e-mail will be sent home if we have not been informed of the absence ahead of time.  The attendance e-mails are sent at the end of each school day.  If you require clarification or further information before or after school hours (e.g. which student, what block, which teacher, etc.) please either reply to the attendance e-mail or leave a message on the attendance line. 

Extended Absences

Regular school attendance is important for continuity of instruction, classroom participation and learning outcomes. However, we recognize that parents may choose to take their child out of school for holidays, sporting events and other activities throughout the year. Teachers might be able to provide some work for students who are absent for a short term, provided sufficient preparation time is available, but parents should not expect the school to provide in depth learning support in these instances.  

If your child will be away for an extended period due to long term illness or hospitalization, the school will make alternative arrangements to continue to deliver educational programming. Please contact your child’s teacher as early as possible to inquire about materials for home study.  

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