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Outdoor Adventures Program 11/12

Curriculum & Learning
Outdoor adventure students at Cape Scott

The Outdoor Adventure 11/12 Program will take full advantage of the amazing natural world surrounding Campbell River to help each student reach their potential, academically, physically and globally. This is education through an inclusive program of Geography 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, English 11, English 12 and Outdoor Education. It is a student focused one semester course designed for those who seek an adventure in their high school experience.

Running from September to February the students of this course will be involved in their studies in a variety of environments from the classroom to the mountains, from paddling across lakes to rock climbing, winter camping and safety courses. We will also be involved in community work, from Surge Narrows community school to visiting families living "off the grid" for their Geography course, as well as other community based projects. Through all these locations and activities we will study Geography 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, English 11/12, and Outdoor Education. In all things we focus on people and the environment.

The student will earn a full 16-credits for the semester and memories for a lifetime.

The Outdoor Adventures Program is open to all grade 11 and 12 students who have successfully completed their previous year of studies.

All students are welcome to apply regardless of their grades.

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