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Recommendations Deliver a Balanced Budget with Few Additions

Board of Education, Financial
2023-2024 Budget Process

At the May 9 public board meeting Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Patrick presented the board with recommendation from senior management for the 2023-2024 operating budget. The recommendations were based on feedback from rightsholders and partner groups.

The district is facing a $288,000 deficit heading into next year's budget but is proposing delivering a balanced budget through the use of a one-time benefit holiday of $200,000, increased revenues from rent and leases of $25,000, and the use of a combined $145,000 in surplus from the international student program and summer school.

The addition of a .4 French coordinator, a .6 FTE focused on French literacy, and a .5 French learning support teacher at the middle school level will be offset by $180,000 in federal French immersion funding.

The full list of recommendations is posted on the district website at: 2023-2024 Budget Development Process ( 

The board will review and possibly approve the budget at the May 30 public board meeting.

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