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French Immersion

Our French Immersion programs offer students the chance to become bilingual, adding French as an additional language. There are no special requirements or extra fees to register, and we offer both Early and Late French Immersion options.

French Immersion follows the same BC curriculum as the English program. Students will have similar learning opportunities, activities, and resources.

French Immersion Program Goals

By the time students graduate from our French Immersion program, they will be able to:

  • Speak French confidently in conversations.
  • Take college or university courses in French.
  • Work in jobs where French is the main language.

The program also helps students to:

  • Communicate effectively in both speaking and writing.
  • Think critically and creatively.
  • Appreciate French-language literature and perspectives, including those of Francophone and First Peoples.
  • Embrace cultural diversity.
  • Understand themselves and others better in our ever-changing world.
  • Develop a strong Francophile identity and integrate French into their personal and professional lives.

Benefits of Being Bilingual

Graduating from French Immersion offers many advantages:

  • Better job prospects and higher earning potential.
  • More opportunities for education, socialization, and travel.
  • Greater openness to different cultures.
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities, such as improved memory and attention.
  • Better awareness of language structure.

Students who complete French Immersion through grade 12 will graduate with a Diplôme de fin d’études secondaire en Colombie-Britannique, also known as a Double Dogwood.

For more information contact the principal at any one of our French Immersion schools: École des Deux Mondes, École Willow Point or École Phoenix Middle School

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