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French Immersion

French Immersion is intended for non-French speaking students who would like to become functionally bilingual. The programs are based in the BC curriculum and the learning opportunities, activities, instruction, and resources parallel those of the English program. There is no selection criteria for registration in either the Early or Late French Immersion programs. Successful French Immersion grade 12 graduates receive a bilingual graduation certificate, as well as the provincial Dogwood certificate. 

For more information contact the principal at any one of our French Immersion schools: École des Deux Mondes, École Willow Point or École Phoenix Middle School. 

Early French Immersion 

The Early French Immersion program begins in either kindergarten or grade 1 and is a district program of choice offered at École des Deux Mondes and École Willow Point. Until the end of grade 3 all instruction is in French. From grades 4-7 instruction is approximately 80% in French and 20% in English. The number of courses in French begin to reduce over grades 8 to 12 and students complete more studies in English.  

When initially registering, parents can indicate which school they would like their child to attend but enrollment is dependent on the availability of space and other staffing considerations. Siblings already in attendance and residential addresses are considered when making school assignments. 

Parents considering registering their child for early French Immersion kindergarten for September 2024 are invited to an information session on January 22 at 5:00 p.m. at the school board office, 425 Pinecrest Road Campbell River.

Late French Immersion 

The Campbell River School District has offered a highly successful Late French Immersion program since 1986. The Late French Immersion program accepts students as they enter grade 6 and is offered at École Phoenix Middle School, a dual track school. In the first year all instruction is in French. In grade 7 these students join the Early French Immersion students and from grades 7-9 half of their instruction is in French. 

This program is for students with no previous French Immersion experience, and it follows the same curriculum as the Ministry of Education's English language program.

The Late French Immersion program accepts a maximum of 28 students each year, due to class size legislation. Siblings of existing French Immersion students have a priority for registration. After 28 registrations are received, remaining students are placed on a waitlist.  

Siblings of existing French Immersion students have priority for registration.

Parents and grade 5 students considering going into late French Immersion for grade 6 in September 2024 are invited to an information session on January 30 at 7:00 p.m. at École Phoenix Middle School, 400 7th Avenue Campbell River.

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