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Boarding Allowance

If a student requires schooling at a grade level not provided within their community, parents can apply for a boarding allowance to help with the costs of the student having to attend another public school within the school district.

An example would be when a high school student who lives on Cortes Island is going to attend a secondary school within the city limits of Campbell River.

The maximum monthly boarding allowance is $350 per student and payment of the boarding allowance is dependent upon:

  • Satisfactory school attendance, verified monthly by the principal;
  • The legal guardian(s) for the student maintaining a permanent residence in the home community of the student and is not renting or otherwise subletting the permanent residence;
  • The student is younger than 19 years of age by the end of the school year they are registered in and the student has not graduated;
  • That the student is registered in a program with a minimum of 15 in-class hours per week.

Sayward students attending secondary school in Campbell River are eligible for boarding allowance on an "as needed basis" to take part in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.

Applications must be submitted to secretary-treasurer's office each year for approval. Application forms can be downloaded from the resources on this page or requested from Sayward School, Cortes Island School and Surge Narrows School.

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