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Accessibility in Our Schools

Graphic representations of disabilities and neurodiversity.

Campbell River School District is dedicated to the inclusion, accessibility and equity for students, staff and all who interact with the district and our schools. 

In accordance with the Accessible British Columbia Act, we have an accessibility committee to help identify, reduce, and remove barriers for people with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions within the school district and our schools.

We define a barrier as anything that hinders or challenges the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities including a physical barrier, a structural barrier, an information or communication barrier, an attitudinal barrier, technological barrier, socio-economic barrier, policy or practice.

The accessibility committee reflects the diversity of persons with disabilities in British Columbia and the diverse backgrounds and experiences of staff, students, and parents or caregivers who either personally or professionally support persons with disabilities. Our accessibility committee is comprised of people who either personally live with or support others with physical impairment, mobility challenges, visual impairment, hearing impairment, neurodiversity, brain injuries, and developmental or learning challenges.

A key element to supporting our community is the development of a three-year accessibility plan. This plan will identify system needs, priorities, and action plans, and draw on feedback from our school community and the work of the accessibility committee. It is still under development but will be shared on this page once it’s complete.

Share Your Feedback

We want to learn about the barriers that people face when they’re trying to access a school building, program or information, or in receiving a service or support.

Again, for the purposes of this feedback we want to hear about physical, structural, information or communication, attitudinal, technological, and socio-economic barriers, policies or practices that hinders or challenges the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in our schools and school district.

We encourage people with disabilities, families, staff and community members to provide feedback. Your feedback will be reviewed by the Campbell River School District accessibility committee. Feedback can be submitted anonymously, or you can provide your contact details if you wish to be contacted.

Provide feedback in one of the following ways:

If you have questions or are interested in learning more, please contact 

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