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Indigenous Education

The Campbell River School District is committed to improving Indigenous student achievement, increasing opportunities, building a culture of learning and wellness, and honouring Indigenous world views and perspectives. The Indigenous Education department staff work throughout the district in a variety of capacities to support the district priorities. The Indigenous Education department team is here to welcome you and your children and to work alongside school-based staff to enhance the classroom experiences and learning outcomes.

The work of the Indigenous Education department is guided by the BC First Peoples Principles of Learning.

First Peoples Principles of Learning

  • Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors.
  • Learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential, and relational (focused on connectedness, on reciprocal relationships, and a sense of place).
  • Learning involves recognizing the consequences of one's actions.
  • Learning involves generational roles and responsibilities.
  • Learning recognizes the role of Indigenous knowledge.
  • Learning is embedded in memory, history, and story.
  • Learning involves patience and time.
  • Learning requires exploration of one's identity.
  • Learning involves recognizing that some knowledge is sacred and only shared with permission and/or in certain situations.

Indigenous Education Department Contacts  

Director of Indigenous Education & English Language Learning
Debra Martel
(250) 830.2328

Administrative Assistant
Natasha Andersson
(250) 830.2332

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