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Our school district endeavors to create safe, caring and supportive learning environments in order for all students to experience success. Our elementary schools are configured from kindergarten to grade 5, middle schools from grade 6 to grade 8, and secondary schools from grade 9 to grade 12. 

Registration Dates

There are no set deadlines for enrolling your child in any one of the district's schools, although please note the following:

  • Enrolling your child in kindergarten? Kindergarten registration for the next school year takes place during the first week of February each year. Children can register for kindergarten in the year that they turn five years old. Registration for kindergarten in September 2022 starts the week of January 31 to February 4. Families should register by May 13 to secure their space in their neighbourhood school.
  • New to the district? Please contact your neighbourhood catchment school to arrange a time during the school day to register. For new students who arrive during the summer break new registrations will be accepted once the school offices re-open the week immediately before the first day of school.

Registration Process

  1. Use our school locator to determine your neighbourhood catchment school.
  2. Visit the school website to download and complete the appropriate registration form. 
  3. Contact your catchment school directly to complete the registration process.

Documents Required for Registering

Proof of the child's age is required for all new student registrations and, to ensure that the child being registered qualifies for education funding, the parent/legal guardian must be a resident of British Columbia.

In order to register you will need to provide:

  • Child's birth certificate (Canadian) or proof of citizenship;
  • Child's Care Card;
  • Proof of current residence (hydro bill, completed purchase/rental agreement or property tax notice/assessment); and
  • Custody agreement, if applicable.

District Programs

The Campbell River School District offers a variety of educational opportunities for students.

French Immersion

Early French Immersion is offered at two district elementary schools and students are assigned to a school depending on the availability of space. Once the school year has started call the school board office at (250) 830.2300 to inquire which French Immersion elementary school has space. For middle school (grade 6 to 8) student registrations, contact École Phoenix Middle School to register. For secondary (grades 9-12) student registrations contact Carihi Secondary School.

Distributed Learning

Parents interested in having their child learn at home have the option of eBlend (K-9) or eBos (10-12), our distributed learning programs, or to register provincially for homeschool. Unlike homeschooling, our distributed learning programs are teacher supported. You can get information on our distributed learning programs by calling (250) 923.4918.

Alternate Programs at Robron Centre

Parents/guardians who wish to register their child at a program at Robron Centre will need to make an appointment with the counsellor to discuss the student's learning needs and to determine the most appropriate program to meet those needs. New registrations will be accepted as long as there is an available program, space and staff resources appropriate for the student. Contact Robron Centre at (250) 923.4918.

International Student Program

Campbell River School District welcomes international students in our school system for social, cultural and educational enrichment. For more information on the district's international student program, visit the program website.

More questions?

Contact your catchment school or the school board office. We will be happy to help you with registering your child.

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