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Annual Operating Budget for 2024-2025 Set

Board of Education, Financial
Budget Approved 2024-2025

After three readings, the Board of Education voted to adopt the proposed preliminary annual operating budget of $91,524,470 for the 2024-2025 school year.

The budget includes $495,000 in added services from available surplus. Budget additions for next year include: $20,000 towards a 1.0 mechanic, $25,000 towards a .2 FTE outdoor education coordinator, $25,000 to change the payroll supervisor position to a manager position, $30,000 to add additional Indigenous Knowledge Keeper support, $70,145 for the addition of a vice-principal position at either École Phoenix Middle School or Carihi Secondary, $100,000 to restore school allocations (formerly school supplies) funding, $100,000 towards a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) as replacement for the CIMS business system, and $125,000 for the addition of a 1.0 FTE numeracy coordinator position.

The budget is based on an estimated student enrolment of 5,829 students for September 2024 and forecasts total revenues of $90.4 million and total costs of $91 million. While the district has a capital deficit of $651,671 there is no structural deficit, and the district is not making an additional draw on surplus to deliver a balanced budget.

The preliminary budget can be viewed at 2024-2025 Preliminary Annual Budget.

The budget is developed through consultation and feedback from rightsholders and partner groups between March and May.

Close to 350 budget proposals totaling approximately $4 million were received from partner and rightsholders including students, parents, CUPE 723 support staff, CRDTA teachers, principals and vice-principals, exempt staff, and the district parent advisory committee through the district's budget development process. Proposals were carefully considered for alignment with the district’s strategic priorities and the recommendations brought forward by senior leadership were based on feedback from rightsholders and partner groups.

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