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Land-Based Learning in ʔayʔaǰuθəm

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Carihi and Timberline students and teachers visiting one of the places that had been central to their learning this year.

Carihi and Timberline students and teachers embarked on a meaningful learning tour with Homalco Wildlife Tours and knowledge holders from the χʷɛmaɬkʷu ʔayʔaǰuθəm language department to celebrate their learning in ʔayʔaǰuθəm. Guided by the staff at Homalco Wildlife Tours and enriched with the additional language, history, and stories shared by the language department, this tour provided an immersive experience connecting students to the places central to their studies over the past year.

The tour highlighted the deep connections between identity, family, community, land, spirits, and ancestors through generational teachings. Students expressed heartfelt gratitude to the elders and knowledge holders for sharing stories and language, particularly through place names, flora, fauna, and landmarks.

Among the many captivating locations visited were Church House, Old Church House, Estero Peak, and Hole in the Wall. Notably, a historic photo of Church House when people still resided there was shared by Homalco Wildlife Tours, adding a profound sense of history and continuity to the experience.

This enriching collaboration will continue as Indigenous Education partners with the χʷɛmaɬkʷu ʔayʔaǰuθəm language department over the summer and into next year. Together, they aim to provide course credit for culture and language learning with χʷɛmaɬkʷu.

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