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Kerr and Eddy re-elected as board chair and vice chair

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John Kerr is back as chairperson of the School District 72 Board of Education and Kat Eddy also retains her position as vice-chairperson for the last year of this board's term. Both were elected by acclamation from their fellow trustees at the November 16 public board meeting.

Photo of Board Chair John Kerr"Thank you for your faith in me to carry on in this position for another year. It has certainly been a learning experience over the last year, but I think that this board has been an absolutely terrific board that, in pretty well every case, moves in the same direction. And the core purpose of this board, that has been emphasized so many times, is the health, wellbeing and learning of our students. This board has done everything it possibly can to support our staff and support our students and I would like to see that continue for the upcoming year; I have no doubt that it will," said John Kerr following his re-election.

Photo of Board Vice Chair Kat Eddy"I would like to thank the team that sits around this table, our senior leadership team, our senior management team, our CUPE (support staff) and district teachers for supporting me in my personal learning on the journey of becoming a good governor for the children of our school district. It is a very positive and supportive environment in which to learn, and I hope that translates into the education of our children from K-12," said Vice-Chair Kat Eddy.

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