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Wetland Story Walk Showcases Quadra Learning

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Students showcase their learning about wetlands to parents.

Quadra Elementary created an outside story walk to celebrate and share their learning about wetlands. Each class posted a story on the school's fences and families were invited to come and take a story walk between April 26 and May 3.

Quadra Elementary has been a WILD BC School for the last three years and each year the school has had a different focus on outdoor education and exploration. 

The school's focus this year has been the wetland and students have been exploring Quadra wetlands, reading books about wetlands, and have had invited guests, such as Deb Cowper from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, come into the school to share their knowledge.

Grade 4 students Jasmine and Iris were able to teach Superintendent Morrow about wetland birds as part of his recent visit to the school.

The school is also proposing a wetland reclamation of a marshy area behind the school and has an information station near the proposed reclamation area.

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