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Newly Elected Trustees Take Oath of Office, Elect First Chairperson

Board of Education
Members of the Board of Education taking their oath of office.

The new Board of Education for School District 72 took their oath of office at their inaugural meeting on November 1. Congratulations to Shannon Briggs, Kat Eddy, Craig Gillis, Janice Gladish, David Harper, Daryl Hagen, and Joyce McMann.

As their first order of business, the board elected Kat Eddy as chairperson and Craig Gillis as vice-chair for the upcoming year. Both Trustees Eddy and Gillis were elected by acclamation.

After accepting the role as board chair, Trustee Eddy addressed the board, table officers and the gallery: 

“I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues, both new and returning, for entrusting me with the role of chair of the Board of Education for School District 72. It is a great privilege to be seated in this leadership role as we move forward into the work that the next four years will involve. There is much to think about, discuss and align. There are relationships to be fostered, connections to be developed, and learnings to be undertook. All these pieces are made easier knowing that both our governance and leadership teams are committed to doing the absolute best we can for the children under our care. I carry a deep sense of hopefulness that together we can shift outcomes for kids, that we can embrace change as it presents, and guide this education vessel through whatever challenges or opportunities may come our way. I know that this new board will continue to hold the child at the centre of every decision that we make, and I am very excited about the work that we will do together.”   

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