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Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships

Sexual Health

The Sexual Health Education curriculum provides students from K-10 with age-appropriate learning on topics connected to: the physical, social and emotional changes of puberty; healthy relationships; diversity; sexual decision making; and personal safety.  


  1. To provide students in grades Kindergarten through 10 with an opportunity to receive accurate, relevant, and updated information and resources about personal health based on BC Ministry of Education Physical and Health Education curriculum.
  2. For students to have an opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to make informed choices about their sexual health and have an opportunity to develop an awareness of the positive and negative outcomes that may arise as a result of those choices.
  3. To create a comfortable, safe, inclusive, and respectful co-educational classroom climate and enable discussion of a range of topics dealing with sexuality and relationships.

All schools have been provided with "Teaching Healthy Sexuality" Toolkits.  Please contact your school librarian for more information.

In the 'Resources' section, educators will find an SD72 approved letter to send home for the notification of sexual health education in the classroom (K-10) and the alternate delivery commitment required by the Ministry of Education.

Below are some resources developed by SD72 educators.  These are Middle School Teaching Modules to prepare and teach middle school students about sexual health.  Click on the icons to access these resources.

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