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Flip Grid

Flip%20grid.pngCreate audio or video recordings, post them to a grid, and receive video responses from your students



  • immersive reader is built in to allow text to be read aloud  
  • allows user to control privacy settings 
  • students can hide their faces with fun emojis & use cool tools such as the whiteboard, text, sticky notes, stickers 
  • allows private feedback to students' responses via email or Flipgrid 
  • schedule grids to be hidden until ready to be shared
  • allows collaboration with other educators 
  • notification is received when there's a response 
  • Flipgrid AR codes are basically QR codes that show a Flipgrid video when scanned


Students Over 13:  Students can access the JOIN CODE directly from Teams or a link.  However, because it includes PII (face from camera), Parental Consent, as well as informed consent, MUST be provided.
Informed Consent PPT.pptx

Students Under 13:  Students MUST have Parental Consent (even just using class code) due to the possibility of showing Identifiable Information (face from camera).

For Teachers:  

Creating a Flip Grid Topic

  1. Click here to go to Flipgrid and click Login.
  2. Login with Microsoft using your SD72 Microsoft email address and password.
  3. Create your project to share with your students. 
  4. Use existing from the "Discover" tab OR create your own.
  5. Share the flip code with your students.  This can be added as a TAB in Teams OR as a link on a website.

See Flip Grid's Start-Up Guide for helpful information and resources.

For Students:

  1. Access the direct code from the Class Team.
  2. Enter the flip code.


Users, please note this resource:

  • stores data in a server outside of Canada AND because it displays student's faces - ALL students MUST have consent (parental or self) (even if just accessed using a code).
  • collects personal information (user name and SD72 Microsoft email address, face).
  • collects computer information (IP address and location).

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