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Grade K-2 Curriculum

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Each PowerPoint slide deck below is a complete lesson including all videos, handouts, and instructions needed to teach the lesson.

NO previous knowledge in Digital Wellness is required to teach these lessons.  As each lesson is a stand-alone lesson, each lesson can be taught in isolation in no particular order.  In addition, as these lessons are NOT meant to be taught in ONE specific grade, they can be introduced (and even retaught ~ wash, rinse, repeat) in any grade level categorized below.

Book the Digital Wellness K-2 Book Kit that accompanies these lessons.


K-2 1-1 Wellness-Saying Goodbye to Technology.pptx


K-2 2-1 Citizenship-Characteristics of a Good Citizen.pptx

K-2 2-1 Characteristics of a Good Citizenship Cyber Shield.docx

K-2 2-1 Characteristics of a Good Citizenship Cyber Shield.pdf


K-2 3-1 Etiquette-Screen Free Time.pptx

K-2 3-1 Screen Free Time Poster.docx

K-2 3-1 Screen Free Time Poster.pdf


K-2 4-1 Safety-Going Places Safely.pptx

K-2 4-1 Going Places Safely-Game Scenarios.docx

K-2 4-1 Emoji Colouring Sheet.docx

K-2 4-1 Emoji Colouring Sheet.pdf

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