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Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional development is a process of on going growth, through involvement in programs, services,and activities designed to enable teachers, 
both individually and collectively, to enhance professional practice.
BCTF Definition: (00 AGM, p. 15) (June 06 RA, p. 8)

SD72 Professional Development is committed to the development and strengthening of professional knowledge and skills and encouraging educators to work together to improve their practice. 

The Core Pro-D committee is composed of both teachers and administrators, it is an advisory committee to the Superintendent and provides direction for teacher Pro-D within the district. Professional development must have a positive, accountable impact on student learning and is an expected responsibility guided by current school student success plans and personal professional goals.

Principles of Professional Development in School District 72

Professional Development:

  • Must have a positive impact on student learning;
  • Is a professional responsibility guided by current personal, school and district growth plans;
  • Promotes a commitment to the development and enhancement of professional knowledge and skills;
  • Encourages and supports educators working together to reflect on their practice.

Coding%20Icons-1.png Registration for most Pro-D events is now available in Employee Connect under the Workshop Tab found on the top ribbon.
Click on the drop-down arrow to access "Workshop List".   If registration varies from this, the details will be provided. 

Contact Information

Erin Pickering
District Teacher Coordinator of Professional Development & Mentorship

Darlana De Vito
Administrative Assistant, Office of the Associate Superintendent & Professional Development


Learning Opportunities Listing - updated regularly

6-2.pngTeacher Reimbursement Form for Pro-D activities


Steps for completing and submitting Pro-D reimbursement

8.pngTeachers teaching Teachers Workshop Reimbursement Form

9.pngClick here to learn about and join a PSA.  Costs can be covered by your Individual Pro-D funds.

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