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Digital Wellness

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What is digital wellness?

Digital wellness refers to the state of one's physical and mental health in the Digital Age. More specifically, digital wellness refers to making intentional decisions to improve the healthy use of technology.  This does not mean eliminating technology from our lives BUT to balance its use with healthy face-face interactions.

Why is digital wellness important?

As technology evolves and our time is increasingly spent online, students must learn to adapt and overcome the dangers of digital dependence. Tech companies design irresistible experiences online such as addictive video games to endless social media feeds.  The overuse of this type of technology often leads to anxiety, addiction, and depression. Digital Wellness education will help students become cognizant of their prolonged technology use and to develop a healthy balance.


Big Idea

Ensure students, at every grade level, have the tools, resources, and skills to interact personally, socially, and educationally in the real world and in digital spaces.

Encourage all students to make safe, healthy, and positive decisions to live a digitally balanced life in our technology-rich world.





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