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image description website that allows access to an online typing program to improve skills AS WELL AS lessons on Digital Literacy.



  • Allows students access to typing practice.
  • Typing practice is accessed from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced User lessons.
  • Allows students to a specific set of Digital Literacy lessons for grades K-8.
  • Simple video lessons in addition to Q & A sessions guide the students through Digital Literacy Lessons.
  • NO student-specific username or email is accessed so NO CONSENT is required.


ALL Students:  can create an account from without an email address.  A username and password are required so be sure NOT to include any personally identifiable information.

For Teachers:  

Creating a account AND Class Site

  1. Go to and choose "sign up now -> Teacher Sign up"  - the yellow button on the main page.
  2. You'll get a page asking for account type and you'll choose "Teacher" -> Teacher -> School
  3. Skip all until Teacher Portal.  Skip Tour BUT create a class.  A JOIN LINK will be created when you do so.
  4. Share the JOIN LINK with the students.  You will need to Accept the student Join Request.

For Students: 

Creating an Anonymous account.

  1. Log into student account and create an account with an anonymous username and password your teacher recommends - don't use the email option.
  2. Use the JOIN LINK to join your teacher's class for specific typing and Digital Citizenship assignments.


Users, please note this resource:

  • collects computer information (IP address and location)

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