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Rule of Thumbs for Measurement

Use the rule of thumbs to estimate the height of big objects.  |  Click for instructions


Lego Car with Realistic Steering

Use lego from inexpensive lego kits to create a car that has wide turning angle, an inner wheel that turns more than the other and each wheel turning around its vertical centre.  |  Click for instructions


Project Julius

This robot is made from milk cartons. His name is Julius. The robot is created using the "collapsible cube" technology.  |  Click for instructions


Straw Roller Coaster

Build a straw roller coaster for marbles! This is a great activity for learning how to construct complex structures and problem solve.  |  Click for instructions


Mechanical Hand

Students will make a simple mechanical hand with a trigger connected to a hinge THEN test it out by trying to pick up as many straws as possible.  |  Click for instructions

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