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Thinking Tasks

thinking tasks

These tasks will help develop mathematical thinking skills, problem-solving and communication using mathematical language.  They pair well with vertical surfaces or collaborative groups.

Click HERE to access the French version of these resources.

Probing Questions

  1. What do you notice? (Patterns/ Processes) What do you notice about someone else's work?
  2. What questions do you have? / What are you wondering?
  3. How might you solve this a different way? Is there another solution you can find? 
  4. Tell me about some things that didn't work and what you learned from them?
  5. How might your thinking be similar or different than someone else's?
  6. What might you agree or disagree with in your work or someone else's? 
  7. What evidence can you show to support your thinking?
  8. What generalization can you make?

Click HERE to download the Numeracy Thinking Problems as a PDF.

Click HERE to download the QR codes for each Thinking Problem.

Click HERE to download the Task Cards.

Kenken Puzzles  Kenken%20QR.png

Make 100Make%20100%20QR.png

Fifteen Fifteen%20QR.png



FRAME THE CARDSFrame%20the%20Cards%20QR.png

30 SCRATCH 30%20Scratch%20QR.png

SAME SUMSame%20Sum%20QR.png

NUMBERS AND OPERATIONS MENU TASKNumber%20and%20Operations%20Menu%20Task%20QR.png

CHARACTERISTICS OF NUMBERSCharacteristics%20of%20Numbers%20QR.png

ORDER OF OPERATIONS MENU TASK Order%20of%20Operations%20Menu%20Task%20QR.png


SUM OF 51Sum%20of%2051%20QR.png

SWEET 16Sweet%2016%20QR.png

TRICKY 24Tricky%2024%20QR.png

INTEGER SOLITAIREInteger%20Solitaire%20QR.png

TWO BIKE RACETwo%20Bike%20Race%20QR.png

9 HOLE GOLF COURSE9%20Hole%20Golf%20Course%20QR.png

WINTER OLYMPICSWinter%20Olympics%20QR.png

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